It's time to get paid what you're truly worth

Although you may not realise it, the knowledge and knowhow you have acquired in your life to date is a truly marketable asset.

You've made valuable distinctions because of your passions and have unique empathy and understanding because of your pains.

Through this book you will come to understand how other people are ready and willing to pay you money to know what you already know and to do what you can already do.

You don’t need to be qualified, certified or have letters after your name.

Your qualification to do this work is your life experiences, your passion for helping others and your determination to make a difference.

You will also discover how to:
  • Position yourself as an expert so you are seen as an authority.
  • Prepare your advice so it's easy for others to follow.
  • Package your knowledge into programs, workshops, and books. 
  • Promote yourself intelligently so you get paid what you are really worth.
  • Perform like a professional with confidence, congruence and charisma.
In his debut book Andy shows you how to harness your experiences and turn them into advice for others whilst becoming a person of influence, impact and inspiration.

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